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Virtual Staging

New technology combined with real-life staging experience creates visions that truly help Buyers and Sellers.

Virtual Staging saves time, resources and money; and, when done right, has every bit the impact of physical staging.


Virtual staging is a beautiful solution for both marketing vacant homes and seeing what new furnishings or layout will look like before you purchase a single item!

GalenaSideboard_preview copy.png
RungarsBook_preview copy.png

As a photographer, designer and staging professional, I stage properties both physically and virtually.  After multiple requests from fellow agents and designers, I'm now offering virtual staging to colleagues on a limited basis.


If you are looking for high-quality virtual staging that is truly custom and delivers the wow-factor that our market demands, take a look at the samples below or give me a ring.

Benefits of Virtual Staging

EK_Watermark_Eagle_View_ADA_101_living_E_05-11-22_19 11_edited.jpg


Virtual Staging eliminates the need for furniture and decor move in, set up, rent, move out; wall touch-ups, etc.

Eagle_View_living_room_LS_11-010-22_13 24 105_edited.jpg

multiple styles

With virtual staging you aren't limited to one design style.  Appeal to a broader audience with Modern, Boho, Rustic...


Before & After Slider Samples


you supply "before" image

 photo of empty room and comments on your idea of the preferable style


you order image quantity for staging

you supply blank images

I return virtually-staged images

receive hyper-real

staged photos

both MLS and watermarked versions will be supplied within 2 business days


Order Now

Email or call me with any questions. Orders can be placed by phone or online --->. 

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