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Silicone-Emulsion Paint

protection decades beyond traditional paints

how it works


Silicon dioxide, e.g. quartz and sand, is one of the most inert, durable substances on earth. It is unaffected by the sun, atmosphere, acids, bases, heat and cold.

Silicone paint cures with humidity (water) in the atmosphere to form a 3-dimensional quartz-like structure of alternating silicone and oxygen atoms. This water-repellent structure stops the ingress of liquid water, yet allows water vapor to outgas. This property, unique to silicone paints, is the key to their performance.


Silicone paint has two qualities that help maintain it’s fresh appearance for decades. It has a positive electrostatic charge and is water-repellent.


  • water-repellent

  • breathable

  • unaffected by UV

  • self-cleaning

  • non-chalking

  • durable / stable / inert

  • low VOC

  • color does not fade

  • mold & mildew resistant

  • 30+ year re-coat cycle*

  • increased energy efficiency

  • up to 75% savings on maintenance

Oxide Pigments

Tinted with inorganic pigments. Just like minerals, they are unaffected by UV and will never fade.


especially suited for concrete and masonry

​Commercial unparalleled protection • well-suited for concrete and masonry • saves 50%-75% in maintenance costs compared to conventional coatings

Residential withstands Colorado’s intense UV conditions • sophisticated matte finish doesn’t fade • enduring beauty • decades of protection


The cost of paint is typically 10-25% of the cost of painting a structure. The average repaint cycle for conventional coatings is 7 to 8 years. Silicone Emulsion Paint significantly extends the time between re-coating (30+ years*).

* Silicone-based paints were developed and first applied in Germany in 1963. The paint on many of these structures has not visibly faded or deteriorated in over 45 years.


Application: Any professional painter can apply silicone-emulsion paint.

Note from the author: I have applied silicone paint to two stucco homes and am delighted with the look, longevity and self-cleaning / easy to clean features. ~ Beth


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